Free Daily MLB Picks

Free Daily MLB Picks

If you're like most guys you like to get some action down on the baseball games, but don't have the time to analyze all the pertinent stats and data to give yourself a decent shot at turning a profit. That's why you're here and that's what we hope to do for you. Our handicappers are pro bettors who know how to win and over the course of the season we hope to provide you with not only free MLB picks, but fully researched analysis that will have you on the winning side of the ledger each season. For those new to betting on baseball or betting in general think of it like a stock investment. Your stock will have peaks and valleys throughout the year and wagering on our predictions is no different. We will have winning streaks and we'll have our share of losses along the way, but by season's end our performance predicting the games should have you in the black.

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Wednesday Aug 16, 2023

With Gausman exhibiting strong form and Toronto maintaining an advantage in the bullpen comparison, along with the Phillies' recent struggles to score runs, the Blue Jays emerge as the preferred choice for this matchup. We anticipate Toronto completing the sweep on Wednesday night.

Free Pick: Take Toronto minus the big number

Tuesday Aug 15, 2023

Despite Elder's recent struggles, we consider him a better choice in the pitching match-up compared to Severino. Alongside their pitching advantage, the Braves also exhibit stronger hitting capabilities. Given their recent momentum and the overall situation, we favor the Braves in this match-up. However, considering the price, we opt for a safer approach by placing our bet on the Braves against the run line, especially given that 59 of Atlanta’s 76 wins this season have been achieved with a margin of at least two runs.

Free Pick: Take the Braves -1.5 runs

Tuesday Aug 15, 2023

Considering the pitching match-up and the recent performances of the two teams, the pitching comparison remains balanced. Despite the strong bullpen of the Giants, Tampa Bay maintains an offensive edge and is currently in better form. Therefore, placing a bet on the Rays for Monday night's game appears to be a favorable choice.

Free Pick: Take the Rays -140

Sunday Aug 13, 2023

Considering the pitching match-up and the overall team performances, Senga holds the upper hand in the pitching department compared to Chirinos. Furthermore, the Braves exhibit solid advantages in hitting and bullpen strength. With a reasonable line, betting on the Braves to secure the victory on Sunday night seems like a promising choice.

Free Pick: Take Atlanta -135

Wednesday Aug 9, 2023

Considering the recent divergent trajectories of these teams, the Dodgers seem to have a clear edge. While the Diamondbacks are enduring a slump, the Dodgers are maintaining consistency and showing their prowess both offensively and in the bullpen. Given these factors, the Dodgers appear to be the favorable choice for Wednesday night's game.

Free Pick: Take the Dodgers -130

Tuesday Aug 8, 2023

While Valdez seems to have an advantage in the pitching match-up, Baltimore holds short edges with the batting and bullpen comparisons. Additionally, the Orioles have performed well against left-handed starters, with a home-dog price adding to their appeal. Betting Baltimore on Tuesday night seems to be a wise choice.

Free Pick: Take the Orioles +110

Monday Aug 7, 2023

We give Webb the edge in the pitching match-up and while Los Angeles might own a slight edge with the sticks San Francisco owns a solid advantage in the bullpen comparison. Also, the Giants seem to find ways to win games while the Angels find ways to lose ‘em. We like San Francisco for Monday night.

Free Pick: Take San Francisco -120

Sunday Aug 6, 2023

Considering the pitching match-up appears to be a wash as neither pitcher is performing well this season, we look at other factors. The Dodgers have a slight edge with the sticks, while the Padres have a better bullpen. Considering the line should be closer to a pick ‘em, we like the value with the Padres catching an underdog price.

Free Pick: Take San Diego +113

Friday Aug 4, 2023

Considering the two line-ups rank among the best in baseball against left-handed pitching, and both bullpens have some vulnerabilities, we're betting on the over 8.5 runs in this game. Additionally, the Rangers just welcomed Seager back from injury, which adds to the offensive potential.

Free Pick: Take the Over 8.5

Tuesday Aug 1, 2023

We give Bello the edge in the pitching match-up based on his solid performance against Seattle earlier this season. Additionally, Boston owns the advantage in the splits with the sticks, while the bullpens come out very close. Considering the wrong team is favored here, we’re betting on the Red Sox to rebound Tuesday night.

Free Pick: Take Boston +100

Sunday Jul 30, 2023

Kremer has the edge in the pitching match-up, but it’s close. From there, Baltimore’s bats own the better numbers, but New York just got Judge back, which could boost their performance. The Yankees also have the better bullpen. Considering the underdog price, the value resides with New York for Sunday night's game.

Free Pick: Take the Yankees +124

Saturday Jul 29, 2023

Boston is on a winning streak while San Francisco has been struggling. We like Paxton in the pitching match-up and the Red Sox own a solid edge with the sticks. We’re betting on Boston to continue their winning ways on Saturday night.

Free Pick: Take Boston -120

Friday Jul 28, 2023

Houser has shown improvement recently, giving him the edge in the pitching match-up against Chirinos. The Braves have a slight edge in hitting and bullpen comparison. However, considering the Braves' current struggles and the Brewers' good form lately, the high price for the Braves doesn't seem warranted. We like the baseball betting value with the Brewers getting the fat underdog price on Friday night.

Free Pick: Take Milwaukee +160

Tuesday Jul 25, 2023

With George Kirby's excellent performances this season, he holds the edge in the pitching match-up. However, Minnesota has advantages in both their hitting splits and bullpen comparison. Moreover, the Twins' current hot form contrasts with Seattle's more inconsistent play. Considering these factors, we're leaning toward the Minnesota Twins for Tuesday night's game.

Free Pick: Take Minnesota -120

Friday Jul 21, 2023

The pitching match-up between Heaney and Gonsolin appears evenly matched, with Gonsolin's recent form being a concern. The Texas Rangers hold a slight edge with their strong batting lineup, especially against right-handed pitching. Their bullpen might also be a touch better than the Dodgers'. Given the Rangers' impressive home record and the Dodgers' struggles against left-handed starters, we lean towards the Texas Rangers for Friday night's game.

Free Pick: Take the Texas Rangers

Thursday Jul 20, 2023

Tyler Glasnow holds the advantage in the pitching match-up, although it is a close call considering recent performances against these opponents. Moreover, the Baltimore Orioles have been displaying hotter bats and potentially possess the better bullpen. Additionally, while the
Rays have experienced a dip in form recently, and the Orioles have maintained their strong play. Given the attractive underdog price on Baltimore, we find value in betting on the Orioles.

Free Pick: Take the Orioles +165

Wednesday Jul 19, 2023

Atlanta gets our handicapping check-marks in the pitching match-up, the splits with the sticks and in the bullpen comparison. So obviously we like the Braves. But we don’t like that price. So in noting that nine of Atlanta’s 11 wins with Morton this season came by at least two runs we’ll take a chance and play the Braves against the run line.

Free Pick: Take Atlanta _1.5

Tuesday Jul 18, 2023

Tyler Wells holds the advantage in the pitching match-up, and although the Los Angeles Dodgers may have a slight edge with their hitting, the Baltimore Orioles possess a slight advantage in the bullpen comparison. Therefore, it's understandable that the odds have shifted in favor of the Orioles. Additionally, after Monday's game slipped away from them, we expect the Orioles to bounce back with a strong performance on Tuesday night. Therefore, our free MLB pick is to bet on the Baltimore Orioles.

Free Pick: Take the Baltimore Orioles

Monday Jul 17, 2023

In the pitching match-up, Logan Gilbert holds the edge, and the Mariners have a slight advantage in the bullpen comparison. Although the Twins have a slight edge in hitting, we expect the Mariners to make a strong push and eventually secure a playoff spot, while the Twins may begin to fade. Therefore, my free MLB pick is to bet on the Seattle Mariners for Monday night's game.

Free Pick: Take Seattle -130

Sunday Jul 16, 2023

Considering the pitching match-up, Javier holds the edge due to his previous success against the Angels this season, despite his recent struggles. Furthermore, the Astros possess a superior bullpen compared to the Angels, even though Saturday's game didn't go their way. Both teams are missing key offensive contributors, making the lineups relatively even. After a disappointing loss in the previous game, I expect the Astros to bounce back and deliver a strong performance on Sunday night. Therefore, my free MLB pick is to bet on the Houston Astros.

Free Pick: Take Houston -140