Tips for Betting NHL 3 Way Lines

Choosing to bet on NHL three way lines can lead to better bottom line. Read our primer and get some tips on how to improve your profits. Check it out

How to Bet NHL Individual Team Game Totals

Another wagering option in hockey betting is individual team totals. Find out what they are and how to bet them. Check it out

Finding the Best Value in NHL Playoff Game Props

Entertainement aside, you may be missing out on opportunities to increase your bankroll betting prop bets during the NHL playoffs. Check it out

Bettors' Edge: Betting NHL After The ALL-Star Break

Handicapping NHL games should be broken into two halves. Games before the All-Star and games after the All-Star game. Sports bettor Schwab points on a few profitable angles for betting the NHL after the break.

Best Wagering Value

NHL Series Bets

Time to update the hockey future odds as we roll into the home stretch of the NHL season.

Bet on the NHL

NHL betting can be profitable once you hone your handicapping skills, but before you do you'll need to learn about the different wagers.
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NHL Betting Tips

Here are some general tips and angles to help you undercover some value during your handicapping process of the games.
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The NHL is preparing for its 2019 season and all teams are preparing to chase the Stanley Cup after the Washington Capitals reigning supreme last year. When it comes to future bets on the NHL Stanley Cup 5dimes is offering their updated odds.
2019 Stanley Cup Betting Odds and Predictions