NFL Daily Fantasy League Betting Tips - Part 1

NFL Daily Fantasy League Betting Tips - Part 1

Another season of NFL action is right around the corner so it is time to start formulating your strategy for cashing-in on your share of the money when it comes to playing any of the numerous Daily Fantasy Leagues that are available online.

Daily Fantasy League Tips for the NFL

Daily Fantasy Leagues for a number of different sports are the latest craze and things will really go through the roof once the NFL starts back up in September. The following is Part 1 of a three-part series covering some insider tips for cashing-in on these one-day contests.

Shop Around for your Leagues

The Daily Fantasy League industry is exploding with opportunities and while websites such as FanDuel and Draft Kings may be the biggest names in a fast growing industry, there are a number of other DFL sites popping up especially when it comes to offering one-day contests for the NFL.

It is well worth your time to do a basic internet search of what is available in order to find a daily league site that best suits your needs as well as your style of play. Some leagues may have lower entry fees which may appeal to anyone with a smaller bankroll, while some players may be shooting for the moon in search of a big payout. There is no shortage of opportunities so the key is to do your homework and find the DFL that is right for you.

Check the Betting Lines

Once you have found your preferred DFL, it is time to put together a comprehensive strategy to earn a solid return on investment. A good place to start is a sportsbook’s betting lines for the games. Oddsmakers make their living setting sharp betting odds for the NFL, so you would have to believe they know what they are doing. You can use these lines to your advantage when picking a fantasy team. A higher total line for a game points to at least one if not two higher scoring teams. Focusing-in on some of the skill players from either of these teams could be a good way to start forming your draft list.

The pointspread for a game can also offer some solid clues to potentially high scoring games. Heavy favorites playing against one of the bottom feeders in the league should have a much better chance at running up the score than a matchup with a tight spread. Finding a game with a combination of a high total line and a large pointspread is a great starting point when looking to build your team.

Prime Time Games

Almost every NFL skill player was probably used to being in the spotlight during their college playing days and this gets taken to a whole new level in the NFL. There is a reason why someone is referred to as a “prime time player” and it is probably because they have played their best football on the game’s biggest stage. Each and every week in the NFL there should be a few prime time games on the slate starting with Thursday Night Football and ending with the featured matchup on Monday night. Focus in on the skill players in all of these games to find a few that might be able to rise to the occasion with some big plays. This strategy can also be expanded to looking at players in the games that will be broadcast nationally on Sunday afternoons.