Bet On Basketball

Bet On Basketball

Maybe you are a Duke graduate and can't help but betting on basketball each Saturday. If you are a former Cameron Crazy, maybe you are crazy lucky betting on the Blue Devils.

Maybe you grew up in Detroit hating the Bulls because Jordan and Pippen always seemed to beat your beloved NBA Pistons.

Whatever the case, or regardless of why you bet on basketball - whether it be NBA wagering or college basketball gambling - there are still many basics to follow in order to do it safely and wisely.

The most basic is where to bet. Deciding on that requires some knowledge of sportsbooks and the types of bet offerings they provide on their sites.

Learning the best sites to place your basketball bets depends on what kind of player you are. If you like terrific NBA teaser options or college basketball options, none is better than

If you love bonuses and use that free money to pad your basketball betting bankroll, then should be one of your first stops, as it is known industry-wide for sportsbook bonuses and customer perks. They always offer plenty of NBA and NCAAB prop odds and other fun wagers.

Others post early lines and others post the best underdog odds, such as bodog, where even the most experienced bettors play their basketball dog bets.

Professional and first-time bettors alike will find out more about online basketball betting and the sportsbooks that offer the best lines on it in the links below.

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Basketball Betting Tutorials

Do you know the difference between a pleaser and a teaser? Do you understand what you are reading when you see the list of odds on your favorite website or newspaper?

Do you know when it makes sense to bet the NBA moneyline instead of the NBA point spread? provides all the betting tips and articles you need to educate yourself and become a savvy bettor. Want to learn why it is sometimes better to bet on basketball early in the week and other times late in the week? You should.

Check out our primer on how to bet on basketball and make sure you do some homework on basketball betting generally and the sportsbook industry generally before making the important decision of where to play.