Sportsbook Deposit Methods

When it comes to depositing money into online sportsbook accounts it depends on what country you're located in. For example a sports bettor from Europe may have a plethora of deposit options and pretty much the same deal for Canadians. A player from the United States has fewer options. Basically it all comes down to a choice between the major credit cards or prepaid debit cards and a few services that offer direct money transfers, as well as e-wallets and cashier's checks. This page is dedicated to the already mentioned deposit methods. We offer a preview of the best deposit methods available to US players as well some that are only available to Europeans and Canadians.

VISA Cards

VISA is one of the most widely accepted payment method for players in the United States. Online sportsbooks that take players from the United States choose VISA as the preferred payment method, as their cards are accepted throughout the world. VISA is one of the easiest and quickest ways of depositing and withdrawing money from your account.


Similar to VISA, Mastercard is another major credit card company that is an accepted method for making deposits and withdrawals to and from your account at sportsbooks that take on players from the United States. But, unlike VISA, Mastercard is not as widely accepted, and some of the sports betting websites don't accept Mastercard as a withdrawal method.

Western Union

If you want to transfer funds from your bank account into an online sportsbook that accepts players from the United States, a wire transfer is a fast and efficient way to complete the transfer. Be sure to check if the sportsbook accepts Western Union and note that there might be some fees that are associated with this deposit method, but in general, this method is widely accepted by sportsbooks that can legally take players from the US.

Bank Draft

When a player request a bank draft, the bank checks the account of the person to see if there are enough funds for the payment to clear and sets aside the amount until the payment request is made. This is the main reason why most sportsbooks that take on US players accept bank drafts as a payment method for depositing money into their online account.

Money Orders / Checks / Cashier's Checks

If you are among the players that don't wish to use a credit card or a money transfer to deposit funds into your sportsbook account, you'll be glad to hear that there are some online sportsbooks that accept cashier's checks or money orders as a valid method of payment. Personal checks are usually not accepted, but cashier's check and money orders will go through.


Neteller is an e-wallet service that allows for fast and secure transfer of funds online, that is almost exclusively used by online gambling and sport betting websites. That's why it's not surprise at all that a great number of sportsbooks accept this method of payment for making deposits and withdrawals.


Skrill is another great e-wallet option used by online gamblers around the world. The service formerly known as Moneybookers offers a way of secure and fast payments to be made on the internet. Sportsbooks generally accept this method for deposits and withdrawals, although there are some exceptions.