Neteller - Sportsbook Deposit Options

Online sports betting is definitely on the rise. Online sportsbooks get new customers on a daily basis. There are numerous reasons for this trend. First, online betting is simpler, easier and often more lucrative than traditional sports betting. In addition, the number of betting options is increasing and new betting options and promotions are being introduced in the offers of the sportsbooks. Furthermore, people who like sports, and are into watching them, whether it is football, basketball, baseball, soccer or all of them, realize that they can combine their passion and knowledge of sports and treat sports betting as a fun and, why not, profitable activity. One of the most important issues when it comes to sports betting is the choice of the preferred deposit and withdraw method. In this article we will discuss Neteller as a sportsbook deposit method.

Neteller is an e-wallet service, operated by Online Payments PLC, a British company, and its headquarters are based on the Isle of Man. It is currently available in more than 180 countries, all over the world and it supports all major currencies. Neteller is particularly known to have great cooperation with online sportsbooks and most of the merchants that use it are either sportsbooks or online casinos. This is one of the most important reasons why Neteller is the first choice for many bettors. It is practically designed for online betting.


Advantages of Neteller

There are reasons why Neteller is tightly connected with sports betting and recognized as one of the top payment methods. Neteller is a quick deposit method, to start with. Once you have money on your Neteller account you can almost instantly use them to make a deposit and you can start betting in no time. In addition, Neteller is completely safe. It protects your sensitive- credit card and bank account information and you don't even need to disclose this information to the sportsbook or any other party except for Neteller. In addition, Neteller is reasonable cheap and the fees associated with it aren't high at all. Finally, Neteller can be used to make withdrawals as well as deposits.

Disadvantages of Neteller

The only disadvantage of Neteller is the fact that most US sportsbooks don't include it as one of the deposit options, so if you are coming from the USA, you won't be able to use Neteller for sports betting purposes.

How to Make a Neteller Deposit

Depositing via Neteller is relatively simple. In order to do so, you'll need to have a Neteller account and an account with the sportsbook where you want to deposit. Even if you don't have a Neteller account, opening one is easy-peasy. All you need to do is provide some basic information on the sign-up form and then prove your identity. As soon as your identity is confirmed by either of the methods established by Neteller, you are free to send and receive money via Neteller. There are two ways of depositing money via Neteller. You can use the e-Wallet account, and you deposit to that account either online or by bank transfer. Once you have money on your Neteller account, you can it to deposit to the sportsbook of your liking. Alternatively, with the Neteller prepaid card, you can deposit the money instantly, just as you would with a regular credit/debit card.

Neteller Safety

Depositing money to and from your Neteller account is quite safe. If you are depositing money in your Neteller account via bank transfer it is as safe as any other bank transfer. And when it comes to online safety, not only does Neteller's website feature a 128-bit encryption technology, but it will also warn you when you try to log in to your Neteller account from two different locations. This may sound a bit annoying, but it's certainly better to be safe than sorry.


Depositing money to and from your Neteller account usually comes free of charge. Depositing money via bank transfer to your Neteller account is free of charge. If you want to make an instant (same day) transfer, there is a fee involved, and it depends on the sum of money that you want to deposit. If you deposit from your credit/debit card, the fee is 1.75%, which sounds fairly reasonable. Also, when you deposit money from your Neteller account to the sportsbook, that is, most often, free of charge. Withdrawing money usually involves certain fees.


Most sportsbooks that accept Neteller deposits, also allow bettors to withdraw their winnings via Neteller. Since Neteller does offer a prepaid credit card, this card can be used to withdraw the money from an ATM. However there might be a fee involved and that depends on the amount of money you want to withdraw, the country you're in and the sportsbook you have an account with.


When it comes to bonuses, bettors using Neteller as their deposit method are eligible for certain bonuses. For example, bettors who will choose Bet365 can earn a 100% match-up bonus of up to $100 on their first bet. William Hill also offer a 100% match-up bonus of up to $100. BetOnline have a unique 25% match-up bonus on every qualified bet.