Super Bowl LV Betting Odds and Top Picks

February 7, 6:00 PM EST

Fourteen teams remain with a shot at winning Super Bowl LV. This weekend is the Wild Card round, where the field will be reduced to eight teams. It's a hard bet to make because you're asking the team you pick to win 3-4 games against tough opponents, including the big one. Getting close doesn't count in this bet. But at least when you bet now, the hard work of the regular season is behind you, and you can hone in on a path to glory for different teams. Let's break down our six best picks to win the Vince Lombardi Trophy this season.

Top Six Value Picks

Kansas City Chiefs (+200): Ok, so maybe the value isn't top-notch. What would be nice is having them at this number going into Super Bowl LV. On the one hand, it's going to be a tough road, with a conference filled with any number of interesting contenders. But in a season that was somewhat of a mish-mosh, the defending champions always stood out as the class of the league. For someone to jump at the chalky number here would be understandable.

Green Bay Packers (+425): On one hand, +425 for a team to get through the NFC and then having to beat the Chiefs or whoever comes out of the AFC doesn't seem that great. But it's been a while since the Packers had the top seed, and with everything going through Lambeau, opponents will have to beat Aaron Rodgers and Company, in addition to the conditions. At this price, you’re getting the clear second-choice on the board, a team that has been on a nice roll over the past two seasons.

Buffalo Bills (+650): The road just to get the big game is hard enough in the AFC. But if the Chiefs were to falter somehow or even if the Bills have to go to Arrowhead to beat them, it’s not that crazy to think they could hang with the Super Bowl favorites. QB Josh Allen and their offense is coming into their own, and if it finds another gear, they could be a hard team to stop. They might be the only team that can hang with the Chiefs in a track meet.

New Orleans Saints (+800): A team that gets slightly overlooked, they passed almost every test this season, despite being thrown a lot of curveballs on the personnel front. The combination of their overall organizational urgency with the fact that no one in this conference seems unbeatable rightfully makes them the second-leading choice in the NFC. Having to beat Tampa and go into Lambeau if they get through Chicago this weekend is a daunting proposition, as is beating the AFC representative, but they might need to be accounted for in this postseason.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+1000): Maybe the best value on the board. The downside is their inconsistency and a secondary that stands out as an Achilles Heel in this pass-happy NFC. They’ve also lost twice to the Saints already this season and were dominated by the Packers. But the combination of their aerial-attack, their front-seven on defense, a good coaching staff, and the most-illustrious quarterback in playoff history in Tom Brady makes them an attractive choice. Also, their road is realistic, opening at Washington. Going into Lambeau will be tough, but it’s not like Brady never thrived in the snow before.

Tennessee Titans (+2500): The bad news is they have to win three games in a tough conference just to get to the Super Bowl, starting with Baltimore on Wild Card weekend. Their defense against good offenses this season has sometimes suffered. The good news is that they’ve had Baltimore's number lately, with a big playoff win last season and a regular-season win this year. A handful of wins over other teams in this postseason this year, and having one of the true game-changers in the sport in Derrick Henry gives them some underdog appeal at 25-to-1 odds.

Complete Odds of All Teams to Win Super Bowl LV

  • Kansas City Chiefs +200
  • Green Bay Packers +425
  • Buffalo Bills +650
  • New Orleans Saints +800
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers +1000
  • Baltimore Ravens +1100
  • Seattle Seahawks +1200
  • Pittsburgh Steelers +2000
  • Tennessee Titans +2500
  • Los Angeles Rams +2800
  • Indianapolis Colts +4000
  • Cleveland Browns +5000
  • Chicago Bears +7500
  • Washington +8000
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The real action might be near the top of the board. Sure, it has been a wacky season where even the more-stellar contenders can suddenly falter. While teams like the Rams, Colts, Browns, Bears, and Washington could conceivably spring one surprise, they're not going to spring four of them. The first realistic choice might be Tennessee at +2500. In terms of value, at least, they might lead the bottom half of this list.

But in terms of value, combined with realism, I think one needs to look at the top half of the list of Super Bowl contenders. And while there is nothing wrong with picking the team you like, I think a lot is being asked, with perhaps not enough being offered in return with some of these teams. And I think that applies with squads like the Steelers, Seahawks, Ravens, Saints, Bills, and even Packers.

For me, at least, that leaves the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Chiefs just seem like the likely pick. The chalk isn't alluring, perhaps, but they just might prove to be a cut above the rest when it's all said and done. The Bucs is a more speculative/high-value pick. And sure, the road to glory is laden with several possible landmines. Nevertheless, getting Tom Brady and all that firepower at 10-to-1 isn't too shabby.

Super Bowl LV Future Odds and Picks

Free Pick: 
Take the Chiefs +200 and/or the Bucs +1000