Offensive Player Prop Bets - 2020 NFL Draft Picks

April 23, 8:00 PM EDT

Offensive Player Prop Bets - 2020 NFL Draft Picks

This season’s draft could be a bonanza for teams looking to boost their offensive profiles. A quick look at this season’s top draft prospects shows a bevy of highly-regarded quarterbacks, receivers, running backs, and offensive linemen. There are those who feel that some of these guys could end up being the signature players at their respective positions for years and years to come.

Before we get into the different bets, remember that a lot can change. As things stand now, people might have a decent idea of how things will play out in the draft. But looking back at previous drafts, the way things look a few weeks before the draft doesn't always play out according to the script on draft-day. Teams can still, and presumably will, trade picks, which can joggle the whole order of things and throw your predictions into a tizzy.

Here are some offensive player draft props that we like:

2020 NFL Draft Offensive Player Props

(Odds Courtesy of Bovada

J.Burrow drafted No.1 overall -6000
J.Burrow not drafted No.1 overall +2400

Pick and Analysis: Let's start off with the heavy chalk. Unless video surfaces of Burrow punching puppies or lighting a nursing home on fire, he's going to be the top pick. He is coming off a season where the story unfolded perfectly to set him up as the top dog in this draft. Cincinnati could trade the pick, and it still wouldn't change. The Bengals, or anyone who ends up with this pick, is going with Burrow. End of story. There isn't much profit in it, but bank on it.

Tagovailoa drafted No.3 overall +135
T.Tagovailoa not drafted No.3 overall -165

Pick and Analysis: Not drafted at number three. Detroit currently holds this pick, and that could change. If it doesn't, they likely won't take Tua in this spot. This is a slot that could end up being owned by another team. But having been denied the normal draft process procedures, will a team bank their future on a young QB who had three lower-extremity injuries in college? Are we sure the Redskins don’t take him at 2? Would a team move up for him? Or wouldn’t they wait until he dropped, being that the Lions and Giants aren’t likely to pick him?

J.Herbert second quarterback drafted +490
Any other quarterback drafted second -775

Pick and Analysis: I’m going to take the long +490 price on that Herbert will be the second QB chosen. Not that he is without fault, as some teams might shy away from his personality, as he’s not the affable field general some teams are looking for. Nevertheless, with some uncertainly about Tagovailoa’s health and his availability for this season in question, this little surprise could manifest at a nice price.


J.Love draft position over 13½ -260
J.Love draft position under 13½ +200

Pick and Analysis: Over. We have a player in Utah St. quarterback Jordan Love that could go in any number of different slots. It’s not inconceivable that a QB-needy team reaches, like maybe the Chargers. But with a QB-heavy class with Burrow-Tua-Herbert and a lot of teams in the first 13 picks having more compelling needs elsewhere, I see a bottom-half first-round team being more likely to go with Love.


OL's drafted in 1st round over 5½ -205
OL's drafted in 1st round under 5½ +165

Pick and Analysis: Over. A tough one to be sure. Whatever happens, it will be close. This much we can count on, which is that studs Jedrick Wills, Tristan Wirfs, Mekhi Becton, and Andrew Thomas are going in the first round. There is some falloff after that quartet of prospects, and with a deeper class in other positions, the question becomes if guys like Josh Jones, Ezra Cleveland, Austin Jackson, Cesar Ruiz, or others will get picked. With teams like Detroit, Seattle, and other OL-needy teams at the bottom of the first round, my guess is that at least two of those guys go in the first round, sending this one "over" 5.5.


Off players drafted in 1st round Over 16½ -145
Off players drafted in 1st round Uner 16½ +115

Pick and Analysis: Over. In this one, they’re basically asking if there will be more offensive or defensive players chosen in this draft. If you figure 3 QBs, 6 OLs, and 5 WRs, you're already up to 14 and just need three more players. Maybe a running back, QB Jordan Love gets picked, or a team takes a flyer on bubble-receivers like Laviska Shenault, Jr. or Brandon Aiyuk, or a team needing beef up front reaches a bit for an OL. This could come down to the wire.