Defensive Player Prop Bets - 2020 NFL Draft Picks

April 23, 8:00 PM EDT

2020 NFL Draft: Defensive Player Props

Granted, the 2020 draft might be more notable for all the offensive talent at the top. But the top defensive prospects in this draft are indeed remarkable, with any number of difference-making defensive players that can bolster a team’s “D” for years to come. And we see it at all levels, with stud linemen, linebackers, and defensive backs all expected to go high. There actually may be as many defensive players taken in the first round as offensive players.

Let’s take a look at some of the defensive players draft props that got our attention:

(Odds Courtesy Of Bovada)

I.Simmons drafted No. 3 overall +650
I.Simmons not drafted No. 3 overall -1175

Pick and Analysis: We’re going to opt for some heavy chalk out of the gate. And while the Clemson star linebacker might be the kind of versatile player that ends up being the best player in this draft, a few things seem a bit unlikely. One is that Detroit would take Simmons when they need massive help in their secondary. The other is that a team would make a trade with Detroit with the intent of picking Simmons. I can't really see him going in the three-spot.

I.Simmons draft position over 7.5 +225
I.Simmons draft position under 7.5 -285

Pick and Analysis: Under. While I don’t see Simmons going number-three, I certainly have a hard time imagining him falling to eight. The thought of teams like the Giants and Panthers both passing on him is hard to believe. And who’s to say the Chargers wouldn’t take him if he fell to 6? There is a chance that the perfect storm forms and the Giants go OL, the Chargers go QB, and the Panthers manage to not replace Kuechly with this monster, but I’d want way more than +225 if that were to occur.

C.Young draft position over 2.5 +300
C.Young draft position under 2.5 -390

Pick and Analysis: Under. This basically boils down to whether he goes with the number-two pick, currently held by the Redskins. With them having tried to shop Haskins in the offseason, there is an idea that they might go quarterback, but then why did they go and get Kyle Allen? A team trying to get one of the top quarterbacks could trade with Washington, but the guess here is that the Redskins stand pat and get one of the top edge rushing prospects of the past decade.

J.Okudah drafted No. 3 overall +145
J.Okudah not drafted No. 3 overall -175

Pick and Analysis: Not drafted at 3. If the Lions keep the number-three pick, it makes a whole lot of sense that they would go with Okudah, the Ohio State star who is the ideal corner prospect in many ways. They really need it. But they could also trade down and maybe still get Okudah, being that there aren't any teams in the top eight other than Detroit that would be likely to go with the potential star CB. It sort of doesn’t make a lot of sense for the Lions to stand pat at 3.

D.Brown draft position over 8.5 -165
D.Brown draft position under 8.5 +135

Pick and Analysis: Over. This one will be close. I just don’t think there is enough room in the top eight for the stud defensive tackle. With the top 6 teams clearly going in other directions, it leaves just two spots for the Auburn standout to make this one go under 8.5. The Panthers could take him at 7, but Arizona at 8 will likely go OL. The earliest I see him going is 9 to Jacksonville.

J.Kinlaw draft position over 15.5 +140
J.Kinlaw draft position under 15.5 -170

Pick and Analysis: Under 15.5. At 10 and 11, the Browns and Jets look to take some of the stud OL that are remaining. The Raiders and Niners should be going receiver at 12 and 13, as well as the Broncos at 15. That leaves one spot, and while the Bucs might find it hard to pass on him from a value-standpoint with the 14th pick, the combination of signing Tom Brady and some OL departures means they could just as easily pick an offensive lineman.

G.Delpit drafted in first round -185
G.Delpit not drafted in first round +145

Pick and Analysis: Not drafted in the first round. A fine player and a high-profile one, there are any number of teams toward the bottom of the first round that could pick him. It’s a thin year for good safety prospects, with the draft being heavier on corners. I just see the teams toward the bottom having more-compelling needs and going elsewhere.

K.Fulton draft position over 24.5 +100
K.Fulton draft position under 24.5 -130

Pick and Analysis: Under. Not a big guy and not the prototypical corner in a lot of ways. He's still a freakish athlete, and the LSU prospect thrived at a high level. Granted, he could fall if the Raiders and Jags both pass on him at 19 and 20, respectively. I don't see it. I see him going to the Raiders at 19, as he fits in nicely with their overall plans.