2020 NFL Draft: Receiver Props

April 23, 8:00 PM EDT

The more-aerial nature of the game has only enhanced the importance of having quality wide receivers. Therefore, it is understandable how a significant portion of the league is salivating at this year's draft crop of stud ball-catchers. While this is far from the first draft where a lot of receivers were projected to go high, it's difficult to remember such a dense list of potential star receivers as we see in this season's draft.

With so many blue-chip quarterback prospects and standout potential breakout stars at other positions, teams further down the list can still hope that a potential All-Pro receiver can fall into their laps. This is the one position where you might see the most variance from what experts are forecasting. A lot can shake out before the best receivers are chosen, meaning bettors can justify any number of different stances in this area. Let’s look at some receiver draft props we like this year:

NFL 2020 Draft Wide Receiver Props

(Odds Courtesy Of Bovada)

C. Lamb first wide receiver drafted +150
Any other wide receiver drafted first -180

Pick and Analysis: First receiver drafted. Let’s go ahead and assume the first team to pick a receiver will be the Raiders at 12. Sure, the Jets could throw a wrench into this at 11. It’s just that for a Raiders team that needs a true number one receiver, the Oklahoma standout will be hard to pass on. He’s that big-body possession receiver, a guy who catch contested passes that might be slightly more up Jon Gruden’s alley.

C.Lamb draft position over 12½ -110
C.Lamb draft position under 12½ -120

Pick and Analysis: A continuation of the last bet, this is both simple and complicated at the same time. There is no margin for error in this one. Barring some bolt from the heavens on draft day, this will come down to the Raiders at 12, assuming the Jets go a different direction at 11. Though they could conceivably pick Lamb. And while there are certainly compelling receivers on the board, namely Jerry Jeudy, I think Lamb fits into their plans better.

Lamb/Jeudy/Ruggs first WR drafted -4375
Any other wide receiver drafted first +1750

Pick and Analysis: This is fat chalk, almost not worth mentioning. But for those looking for a sure thing, it might be hard to find a better proposition than this. While there are other good receivers on the board, the quality falls off a bit once you move past the established best three receivers in the draft

J.Jeudy draft position over 11½ -115
J.Jeudy draft position under 11½ -115

Pick and Analysis: Over. Sure, the Jets could pick him. But with the Raiders not even included, as they sit at number-12, there is a tiny window here for Jeudy to get picked from 1-11. The only team I could see is the Jets, though Ruggs III and even Lamb might be a better fit for them. I see Jeudy going at least 12.

H.Ruggs III draft position over 14½ -135
H.Ruggs III draft position under 14½ +105

Pick and Analysis: Over. A tough call. Receivers could go at 11, 12, and 13, which would make this a lock for a clear top-three WR prospect like Ruggs III, who boosted his pre-draft stock with a sizzling 4.27 forty-yard-dash. He could fall before 15, but my guess is that Lamb and Jeudy go before him and one of these other teams go in a different direction.

J.Jefferson draft position over 21½ -130
J.Jefferson draft position under 21½ +100

Pick and Analysis: Under. The thought here is that the top receivers in the draft, Lamb, Jeudy, and Ruggs III will all go before the 15th pick. Teams from 16-19 appear to be headed in a different direction. At 20 and 21 are the Jaguars and Eagles, two teams that could use help in this area. My guess is that one of them snatches up the LSU star.

B. Aiyuk drafted in first round +200
B.Aiyuk not drafted in first round -280

Pick and Analysis: Not drafted in the first round. This is not a reflection of his talent, but the window appears small. There are at least five receivers who would appear to be more likely choices above him, and by the time he becomes a reasonable pick, it’s already near the end of the first round. And unless the Packers or the Niners snatch him up late, he’ll go to the second round.

L.Shenault Jr drafted in first round +210
L.Shenault Jr not drafted in first round -290

Pick and Analysis: Not drafted in the first round. A big and versatile receiver who can line up in any number of different spots, a lot weirder things have happened on draft day than a team may be reaching a little with the Colorado prospect. I just see the alternative needs of teams and the deep receiver class resulting in him dropping to round two.