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Friday Feb 28, 2020

All season long, the Thunder have been a bit of a revelation and an ATS darling. I can't help but think that the Thunder getting all these points on the road makes them look too easy here and perhaps could be a pure "trap bet." I wouldn't be surprised if the combination of Milwaukee's home-court advantage and OKC's fatigue results in Milwaukee clobbering Oklahoma City. I'll swallow the points.

Free Pick: 
Take Milwaukee -10.5 (-105)
Wednesday Feb 26, 2020
Houston will go to work on the Grizzlies and take this team likely wire to gate. I expect the Rockets to continue their winning ways and do so emphatically, building an enormous lead and never looking back. I am not one for swallowing points like these regularly, but in this case, the juice is worth the squeeze.
Free Pick: 
Take the Rockets -11
Friday Feb 21, 2020

I know that the Blazers will be without Dame, but this line here wreaks of trouble if one were to lay the points. In light of New Orleans pretty much dominating this series and being kind to takers as of late, the 'Cans are laying the same amount of points to Portland even without their best player? I am not biting. At the end of the day, New Orleans has had its woes on the road (12-15 SU in away games), and the Pelicans are known for their robust home court presence. Both of these narratives will be instrumental in the outcome. I’ll pass on the bucket and play Rip City outright on the Money Line.

Free Pick: 
Take Portland +130 (Money Line)
Wednesday Feb 12, 2020

With Golden State's recent acquisition of Guard/Forward Andrew Wiggins, there is little question that the Warriors have their sights set on next season. After all, Golden State was eviscerated due to free agency and injuries striking down their core nucleus, which enabled them to be a dynasty in the late 2010s. Phoenix has been kicked around as a result of Golden State's supremacy, most notably within the Pacific Division. However, situationally this game sets up for the Suns to get a win at home before its fan base to avenge the woes of the past. Motivation will be high with the Suns, and I expect them to win this one with an exclamation point, perhaps easily by double digits.

Free Pick: 
Take Phoenix -7.5
Wednesday Feb 05, 2020

Earlier this year, Atlanta was riding a nasty skid and found itself as a mid-range favorite when it hosted the Golden State Warriors at home. The Hawks went on to end a double-digit losing streak and crushed the W's by nearly 30 points. I expect a similar situation to unfold here with the Timberwolves. After all, they just failed to cash in as a small favorite on Monday, where they lost yet again and are now being asked to spot five more points by contrast. This resonates strongly with me and suggests that Minnesota may actually win this game by a considerable margin, but we can grab them at a fraction of the price. That is how I will play this one.

Free Pick: 
Take Minnesota -6
Friday Jan 31, 2020

The high Over/Under (241) would lead me to believe that this game has all the makings of a real shootout. In such a spot, it is also advantageous to be working with the points. Sure, the suspensions handed out to Grizzlies personnel doesn't help the cause (especially with Jackson, a 17.7 point-per-game producer being forced to sit), but I still think way too much stock is being placed in that. After all, New Orleans' defensive play speaks for itself, and as long as the Grizzlies have Ja Morant and Dillon Brooks in their rolls, Memphis' offense will still be able to take advantage and likely pick up where they left off. I wouldn't be shocked if the Grizzlies won this one outright, but I'll take the points.

Free Pick: 
Memphis +6
Wednesday Jan 29, 2020
I am hard-pressed to believe that this game will be settled by a point again and thus have no reservation laying the point here at evens if the market insists. Anytime I see a team with a losing record like Sacramento's laying a tag to a team like OKC who has generally been a cover machine as of late, I am very much inclined to back the chalk here as the Thunder seems like a bit of a "sucker bet." Sacramento will spurn the momentum from their recent good form to offer an inspired performance against Oklahoma City and pull away with the win, certainly by more than a free throw.
Free Pick: 
Take Sacramento +3 (opened at -1)
Friday Jan 24, 2020

The Knicks have been a bit of a profitable venture as of late, and that is likely because the market is assuming that New York is primed for tank mode. However, I think New York is still very much keen to make a statement that the culture is slowly changing. There is no better way to demonstrate such a thing than to take it to a team that has bullied them as of late who also just so happens to be the defending NBA Champions. The Knicks will show up here and give Toronto a scare.

Free Pick: 
Take New York +7.5
Wednesday Jan 22, 2020

This match-up has all the makings for Houston to make a statement. In the series between both sides, the Rockets are in an ideal situation to do that as the Home Team has gone 5-0 SU and ATS in the last five meetings. I expect that streak to extend to six games, and the Rockets will cruise to an emphatic win. Lay the points.

Free Pick: 
Take Houston -8
Friday Jan 17, 2020

I wouldn't be shocked if the Timberwolves pulled off an upset to add to their catalog of eyebrow-raising road wins. However, there are too many points here to pass on, and thus I will play it conservatively. Minnesota can win this one outright, but the differential should by no more than a couple of possessions regardless of who the victor is. Give me the T-Wolves with the points.

Free Pick: 
Take Minnesota +8.5
Wednesday Jan 15, 2020

Though it is hard to determine who will be lifting the hardware when the 2019-20 season is all said and done, there is little question that the Raptors have carried itself as a champion in their title defense season-to-date. After all, the Raps have seen a superstar that catapulted them to prominence leave town, and they have endured injuries to key personnel, and yet they continue to find ways to win and stay relevant. Situationally, this is another scenario where Toronto's champion pedigree will carry it to what will ultimately be an impressive road win for the Dino's. I'll grab the Raptors plus the point.

Free Pick: 
Take Toronto +1
Friday Dec 27, 2019

The Pacers know they can win in Miami as they did so in February so they won't even bat an eye at the sparkling Miami record on its own court. Indiana will roll up their sleeves and turn this into a game of possessions. The Heat will have to work hard for a win here, and given the defensive connotation that this game has to offer, I will take the points that do come with Indiana.

Free Pick: 
Take Indiana +5
Wednesday Dec 25, 2019

Toronto is performing valiantly this season in the wake of Leonard's departure, but losing Siakam for any amount of time will hurt. Meanwhile, Boston is making money on the road, where spreads tend to be friendlier. We'll give the points here with the Celtics.

Free Pick: 
Take the Celtics -2
Wednesday Dec 25, 2019

I anticipate that Milwaukee will come out and make a statement. The Bucks will bully the Sixers on their own court and demonstrate why they are widely regarded as the team to beat in the East. Throwing in the extra points makes this one too hard to pass up. I'll take the Deer with the points.

Free Pick: 
Take Milwaukee +3
Friday Dec 20, 2019

I anticipate the Knicks will come into this game with some more pep in their step. After all, the Knicks are playing their best basketball this season, and I think they will want to continue to build upon their recent success by taking it to a team that is a step up in competition. There is no reason to suspect Miami cannot play down to the level of their opposition as lowly Memphis did indeed beat the Heat outright on Monday in the prelude to their Miami’s win against the Sixers. I’ll take the points.

Free Pick: 
Take New York +10
Wednesday Dec 18, 2019

The Cavaliers are presently riding a six-game home losing streak. It is safe to imagine that the skid will be coming to an end here, and I suspect Cleveland will do it with style. While the Cavs may be a tough sell overall, they have defeated the likes of Portland and Indiana on their own floor. It is certainly not tough to imagine Cleveland will get the job done against Charlotte with respect to their road woes and cover easy while they do so. The Land wins this one by double digits.

Free Pick: 
Take Cleveland -3.5
Wednesday Dec 11, 2019

I could easily see Indiana putting the pedal to the floor and trying to send Boston a message in this contest. However, we are only asked to lay a basket to the Celtics with Indiana. I have no objection, albeit Indiana will be in prime position to win this by a possession or two more at minimum.

Free Pick: 
Take Indiana -1.5
Friday Dec 06, 2019

Orlando may not be mentally prepared for this game. First, they have dominated. Second, Cleveland looks like a push-over. Third, Milwaukee is next on the docket for the Magic after playing this affair. With such a big contest looming, I expect Cleveland to end their losing streak and trip up the Magic. I’ll go ahead and trade the basket away and take the Cavaliers on the Money Line to enhance the return.

Free Pick: 
Take Cleveland +113 (Money Line)
Wednesday Dec 04, 2019

Detroit will come into this game looking to turn the tide in this contest. The Pistons will at least want to look like somewhat of a threat to a team that has pushed them around. However, I think an upset may actually be brewing. Given the fact Milwaukee has pretty much blown through everything it has come across along with how they have mangled the Pistons as of late, the Bucks may be caught taking the Pistons lightly. With respect to the line and these anecdotes, Milwaukee may look like a lock here. But there is no such thing. Grab the points.

Free Pick: 
Take Detroit +8.5
Friday Nov 29, 2019

The Knicks will build on last week's result, and perhaps this time around, they may bring Philly's supremacy in this series to a halt. The fact remains that the market has likely not caught up to the Sixers yet in terms of how they should be priced in this series, given the fact they still have covered in eight of the previous 11 fixtures between the two teams. I expect New York to take advantage of a likely inflated number once again. Grab the points, but don't be shocked if the Knicks orchestrate an outright upset this time around.

Free Pick: 
Take New York +7.5