Betting on MLB Games with the Dime Line

Betting on sports is all about finding value in the posted betting odds. When it comes to betting on MLB games you should always be on the lookout for sportsbooks that offer money line odds that are often times referred to as the “dime line”. A great starting point for that search is the home page of and its link to a number of comprehensive reviews for the top online sportsbooks in the sports betting game today.

What is a Baseball Dime Line?

In simple terms, the MLB dime line is a 10 cent spread between the betting odds. With some sportsbooks, you might find spreads of 15 cents all the way up to 20 cents which puts much of the betting value in their favor. A dime line adds more value for the bettor, especially when it comes to betting MLB underdogs.

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Bookmakers are well aware that the betting public, in general, tends to lead towards favorites no matter what the sport and sometimes no matter what the match-up. When it comes to betting on MLB games, sportsbooks will try and push bettors in the direction of favorites with larger spreads between the money line for the favorite and the underdog. When it comes to actual results, the favorite wins less than 60 percent of the time, which actually adds value to MLB underdogs over the long haul.

In a direct comparison between Book A and Book B, you may come across the following money lines for the same game. Book A has the game listed as:

Cincinnati +140 Pittsburgh -160

In this example, you would have to risk losing $160 on a $100 bet on Pittsburgh as a home favorite. If you decide to bet $100 on Cincinnati as a road underdog and the Reds go on and win that game, you would pocket $140.

Book B offers MLB dime lines so the betting odds for the exact same game would look as follows:

Cincinnati +145 Pittsburgh -155

In this example, the book has hedged down the risk on betting Pittsburgh a bit to 155, but you can now pocket $145 on that same $100 bet if Cincinnati goes onto win. The main takeaway from this example is that there is added value in the money line for both the favorite and the underdog with Book B as a dime line sportsbook as opposed to the betting odds offered by Book A.

MLB dime lines are a great example of why it is so important to do your homework if you consider yourself an avid baseball bettor. The good news is that many of the top online books will offer dime lines up to a certain limit. Our favorites are 5Dimes and Pinnacle. If an MLB game is perceived to be a complete mismatch with a money line of more than -175 for the favorite, you will most likely find a 15 or 20 cent spread for the underdog at +160 or +155. Sometimes you can find a money line spread lower that 10 cents for a tight matchup, which actually squeezes more value out of betting on the underdog. On some occasions, you might find a game with a -110 money line for both sides which in reality is a PICK.

The bottom line when it comes to MLB dime lines is to shop your betting odds and shop your sportsbooks. Over the long haul, the added value of finding the most favorable money line for your actual wagers can really add up, especially if you are the type of bettor that likes wagering on underdogs. Once again, a great place to start this shopping is

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