2021 MLB Division Title Futures- Top Value Bets

March 15, 12:29 PM EDT

A popular MLB future bet at online sportsbooks such as Bovada covers the betting odds to win each of the six division titles in the American and National League.

Some of the best value on the board can be found right now before the new 2021 MLB regular season gets underway.

AL East

The New York Yankees are the clear favorites to win this division at -175 odds, even though they have just one AL East title on their resume over the past eight seasons. Nonetheless, this is the most talented team in this race on paper. The value bet would be the Toronto Blue Jays at +350, given the roster they put together over this past offseason. The Tampa Bay Rays won the AL East last season in the shortened 60-game schedule. Their odds to repeat are +475.
Free Pick: Toronto +350

AL Central

The favorite to win this division is the Chicago White Sox at -120. They will have some stiff competition as usual. Yet, Chicago has done the most to improve across every phase of the game. This should pay high dividends with the return to the 162-game schedule. The Minnesota Twins are a close second at +145 before the odds explode to +850 for the Cleveland Indians.
Free Pick: Chicago -120

AL West

The frontrunner in another tight division title race is the Houston Astros at +130. Only a few years removed from a successful World Series title run, the Astros still have enough talent to compete for another one this season. The top value play could be the Oakland Athletics at +155 odds. They won the AL West last season and continue to fill in the missing pieces in their roster. The Los Angeles Angels could be a factor for most of the season as +350 third-favorites.
Free Pick: Oakland +155

NL East

Moving to the top of the list in this division is the New York Mets as +135 favorites. This number may have more to do with preseason hype than the Mets actually being the best team in the NL East. You are betting more on potential. The Atlanta Braves have won the NL East title the past three seasons, and they are set as +140 second-favorites. They also remain the best team in this division based on overall talent and recent success. The Washington Nationals' betting odds to win the NL East jump to +600.
Free Pick: Atlanta +140.

NL Central

As the most competitive MLB division race over the past several years, the St. Louis Cardinals are even-money +100 favorites to win the title this season. Given this team’s offseason moves, it is easy to see why the Cardinals top the list. The Milwaukee Brewers (+350), Cincinnati Reds (+375), and Chicago Cubs (+500) should once again keep things interesting into late summer. The Cubs offer the best value at their higher odds, but I am going chalk in this division race.
Free Pick: St. Louis +100

NL West

The Los Angeles Dodgers will be playing for their ninth-straight NL West Division title coming off last season’s successful run to a World Series title. At -250 odds to get it done, there is not a whole lot of value betting that way. The San Diego Padres, as +195 second-favorites, make for a very interesting play. They have worked hard to close the gap with their rivals to the north. The Padres could be worth a small wager as the hungrier of the two teams.
Free Pick: San Diego +195